Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sorry I played hookie yesterday!

So I was supposed to open yesterday for my first Tuesday for the warm weather hours but I totally skipped out! But it was very worth it..I spent the day, you guessed it, thrifting with my mom. We had lots of fun. St Vinnies in Green Bay just freaking ROCKS. I got so much great stuff! Here's a small list...about 10 beer glasses..pabst, Schlutz, Red White and Blue all the great bad beers, funky dishes for mosaics, a few chairs to paint for the chair auction, some fantastic vintage patterns, a few great kids books including a little Dick and Jane type book :), and a bunch of other cool stuff.
After Vinnies we went to Ralphs Antiques on Main Street in Green Bay. Holy Macaroni does that man have stuff! He was a super sweet old guy who gave me some good deals. I got the best old game there with these fantastic letter tiles that I am going to make into pendants today. Here's the loot from Ralph----->
I got some cute Victorian looking stamps and war ration books there too. It was loads of fun but visual overload for sure.
We ate lunch at the Urban Frog on Broadway. It was good but a little intimidating. It was very contemporary which I love but it was ultra organic and hip and made me feel all frumpy and out of place. Guess it just made me realize that in the future when or if I ever open a little diner I would want it to be cozier rather than contemporary. Don't get me wrong it was really good and fairly priced I just wasn't terribly comfortable. I think it would be worth a try if you are in the area just try to look really cool that day.
We ended the day at our local Repeat Performance and Goodwill thrift store where we found a few goodies including a very fun card table tablecloth and of course a few more books. I have definitely decided I need to get that etsy store going and sell some of this great ephemera I am finding and hoarding! Watch for it!
Have a splendid day! I am going to make some pendants now!

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tina kugler said...

Please open a diner...or cafe or whatever. We need a cute little place on this side of the bridge. The Friendly Kitchen!

Speaking of this side of the bridge, did you see they are taking the gross 1970s rock-siding off of the North End Drug building?! OMG! Hooray!! Viva la restoration!