Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a Magical Place...

My backyard is. Protected by the garden fairy that Glenn and I created with some stuff we had lying around the yard. I still have to make her a face but isn't she great. She is very perky.
Because it was about 7,452 degrees in the brick oven that is my store I spent much of the day in the backyard. I got out bottle caps and my metal tools and came up with these cute little flowers. If I get enough ambition I am hoping to get quite a few made for this weekends show downtown. If you know Wisconsin you know we love our beer so I am sure they would be quite popular! They are rather simple to make but figuring out exactly how I will assemble them is the tricky part. I want to figure out a way to hide the wires but like most things the thrill of the project is fading so if I actually make them or not is still undecided.

As I was sitting in the backyard I noticed the birdies had nowhere to escape the heat in our backyard. I went in the store and got some pieces of bamboo and some old bowls and e6000end them to the sticks. Of course being the completely impatient artist that I am I put water in the bowls before they were even close to set so a couple of the bowls are a little wompy but I just stuck them in the ground a little crooked so it works out great. Hopefully they hold up to the birdies if not I may have to work on the design a little more than 4 minutes!

Speaking of water this is Glenn's little fountain he made. I added a few plants that will hopefully take up the space. I am in love with my new grass too but I of course do not know the name of it. None the less it is a funky plant that has lots of height which I love.
So what did ya'll do to beat the heat? Hopefully you to were able to escape to your outdoor retreat!


risa said...

It does look magical...what a wonderful backyard! I love all your projects...they give your backyard plenty of pizazz!

ArtSnark said...

what wonderful & unique decorations!

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

I can imagine there are more than one fairies at play in your yard! What a magical and fabulous place!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... stumbled here by way of networked blogs!

your blog is an endless dreamy supply of GOODNESS!

what fun you are surrounded by... and my word... you create some GREAT things!

just wanted to say "hi"... i was here!
look forward to my next "wow look at that" visit!