Monday, June 22, 2009

A super fun weekend of music and art.

This year's Metrojam was my favorite so far! Not only did I get to see my chair I made for the event get signed by all the amazing artists that played for the 2 day FREE festival but I got to meet and hang out with a few of them.
This is Danielia Cotton. She has an amazing voice and a very kick butt band. We had a blast with them at Shooter Malones. Glenn and I are however not rock stars and partying like we were was not good at all for us the next day. Oh well sometimes you have to suffer for a good time.
This is The Trews. They were Awesome! A great band with really good taste I may add. Jack the bass player with the hat on got a few of my pendants for himself and the band and I got a cd in return (which I love by the way). He is even wearing his pendant in this picture but you can't really see it. If you get a chance to see them don't pass it up. Better yet go out and get their cd.

Last of all these fun boys from a local Sheboygan band Cedarwell were really fun and goofy. I am thinking they will be playing for my summer party this year. Their music is crazy fun and I think would be perfect for a little backyard summer night good time.
The whole festival was filled with great music and Heather and I had our art for sale and a little chair painting party for Chairs for Charity. It was a fun day to make a little money, paint some chairs and soak up the sun. Since the headliners Fastball were not able to make it due to bad weather next year's festival will be even a little bigger and better so I cannot wait!!


David said...

That drunk-ass deer-in-the-headlights visage looks familiar to me...hey, did you try to bum any smokes off the drunkest guys in the park!?

Persimmons Gal said...

Well I didn't at the park because my sister was there but at the bar after she left we had to bum them. I did it for Danielia though.

Kate said...

Hi Kim

It's me again! that annoying scottish girl with a question. Can you tell me if you have any nights in December free for a making stuff night. I am looking for a fun night out with my nursery staff and I thought of your store.....let me know email is and my number is 1-920-860-5564.

Love your site