Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New work and Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas

I recently got an issue of Belle Amore Jewelry and it really opened my eyes to possibilities in jewelry making. I think making soldered pendants gets so automatic that I forget sometimes that I can explore with glass and metal to come up with unique one of a kind art jewelry. Well today I had a blast doing just that. I shaped copper for this piece and backed it with a 1 inch by 1 inch glass pendant featuring one of my mini drawings. I hung colorful beads and vintage metal pieces from the bottom and used some of those same colorful beads for the necklace part. Finished it off with some vintage fabric that you tie in a pretty bow. In addition to this one I made quite a few other unique pendants that I hope to put together tomorrow.
The July/August issue of Somerset Studio features the Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas. A fantastic project that I had the honor of being a part of! I started a canvas by painting it and doing a little transfer. With the canvas I ...and the remaining 7 talented artists ... created a journal page to document my time with the canvas. When I was done I mailed it to the next person and she mailed it to the next and so on. It was such a pleasure doing this project and seeing the canvas become the beautiful work of art it turned out to be! I would like to thank my "sisters" Pam, Jodi, Kathy, Denise, Glenda, Alisa, and Nancy for not only including me in this project but for being such a supportive and talented group of ladies I will forever call friends!

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ArtSnark said...

Congrats on the Somerset article & love the new piece