Friday, July 17, 2009

Going on Vacation!!!

This is a great picture from our last family vacation in October of 2007! That just isn't right so we decided as an early birthday present to me we would take off for a few days. Heading up to my Great Uncle Tommy's cabin in the Rhinelander area. Love it up there and cannot wait. Best of all it is pretty much FREE! So the STORE WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY JULY 20TH THRU WEDNESDAY JULY 23RD. So enjoy the week I know I will!


Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Fabulous pic! We had some fungus growing in our front yard that was pink! I definitely should have taken a photo! Have fun on your vacation!

ArtSnark said...

Fun pic! Such a cartoon-like mushroom, expect to see faeries sheltered underneath or a hooka smoking caterpillar on top

Hope you have a grand time!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Have a great time!