Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Work and a busy busy gal.

Blahhhhhh I have been soooo soooo busy lately. I have been totally neglecting my little blog. I have been getting a few things made though and managed to list a few of them on etsy. Included in that is this little piece that I just love. I know I always say that, but I just love making everything I make so I am not lying! I used an old earring for the skeleton of this one. Using copper wire I wrapped some turquoise and yellow trade beads and some tiny little purple pearls in the earring. I hung it from a recycled piece of denim braided with some colorful yarn and hemp. Love the look so much I decided to start using more fabric in my designs. Now I am on the hunt for rag rug balls of fabric yarn....because the dozen or so I already have are not enough???? Yeah I have a problem. Anyhow this piece does close in the back with a lobster claw and chain. I also am thrilled about the old atlas that you see in the background of the picture and look forward to using it for many more pictures in the future.

Tomorrow I am hoping to play in the studio after teaching a summer art class at the Rahr until 1:00....so don't come in until the afternoon because I won't be here. Have a happy summer day!


Tweetybirds said...

What a great combination Kim. I love it too!

ArtSnark said...

very cool!

gilstrapdesigns said...

Your work is very unique and beautiful. I love your B&M and what a great blog.