Sunday, September 8, 2013

I love me.

I love what I see when I look in the mirror.

My eyes are blue like the sky and they are kind.

My nose is unusual and makes me unique.

My mouth is awesome because it allows me to speak my mind.

My breasts are lopsided… unusually so… and even though I have had different thoughts about them throughout the years, they are mine.

My belly bears a scar where my one and only made an appearance and the effects of carrying that baby have left quite an impression on the skin of that scared and useful belly.

My ass is great to sit on.

My legs are strong and have taken me to so many wonderful places in my life!

My arms, well they are my favorite because they help me create the beautiful things that are inside my head.


But not everyone knows this and I think of them. Then the voices creep in. What if she sees me in my swimsuit? What if he sees me with the lights on? What if my doctor looks at my body and sees only what a chart is telling her to se? What if that teenager on the street calls me fat? What if…..


My face is messed up to them…I was once told I looked like Rocky Dennis from the Mask…is that true?

My nose is huge… maybe a nose job is in order?

My mouth, oh my mouth I say too much too often and am so misunderstood plus are my teeth too yellow or not straight enough?

My breasts are so lopsided should I get a boob job like my crotch doctor suggested every single year during my breast exam?

My belly looks like bread dough, and not a small loaf, maybe a tummy tuck would make me feel better?

Don’t get me started on my ass.

My legs are full of dimples no matter how much I work out… I wonder if that cellulite cream really works?

My arms have so much loose skin should I really wear that tank in public?


Really? Really?


What do I gain by listening the voices of people who told me that my body… that has gotten me through this amazing 40 years so well… wasn’t good enough for their standards? Why in the world would I even care? Why would I not embrace my flaws and show the world I am more than a standard of beauty that is unrealistic and cruel? Why listen to the negative?


I also wonder if many people can see in themselves what I see before I think of comparing or judging myself based on the ideals of others? I sure hope so. Because each and every one of us with our dimples, and fat, and rolls, and bones, and freckles, and moles, and cellulite, and wrinkles, and flaws deserves to love themselves and all those imperfections!


So today I am going to forget the rest and be my best. I deserve happiness and I deserve to love all of me!  We all deserve it. We all think the same things and we all need to just stop trying to be something we are not to please others.  Look in the mirror and love what you see. It may take time but don’t give up. Keep at it. Eventually you will find that YOU with all of your flaws are so worthy of living a full satisfying life free from self doubt. You will excel. You will find the kind of happiness that can only come from looking in the mirror and loving what you see.  


Annie Hesse said...

This is wonderful and boy, can I relate! I am looking forward to meeting you in person in April at Art- are also teaching there, right?
Annie Hesse

Kim said...

Annie thank you for commenting :) I wish I was going to Be there in April but I am actually teaching in Connecticut in October. You never know though maybe I will decide to take a drive in April ;)

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

You are very wise and very talented!

TesoriTrovati said...

This. This is why I love you most, Miss Kim. I have always been a big fan of yours, but this seals the deal. You are a bright spot in this Universe, and truly lovely (I actually bumped into you once at a booth at Bead & Button so I can attest to your inner light shining!). Thank you for this! Exactly what I needed to hear because I think we share a similar body landscape. ;-)
Enjoy the day!

Kim said...

Erin I love you too! I totally remember meeting you it was one of my favorite bead show memories! Thank you for the very lovely comment. :)

Thank you Dawn. :)

Rebecca Abler said...

Kim, today I came across this post, after a long day of dealing with doctors' offices and scary "it's-probably-nothing-but-let's-schedule-consults-for-potentially-invasive-and-life-altering-news-delivering-tests" conversations. I just want to thank you. I can't put my finger on it, but the line "What if my doctor looks at my body and sees only what a chart is telling her to see?" made me feel SO much less alone. I needed that.

Kim said...

Rebecca I will be sending good vibes your way! Glad I could be one small part of light in a tough day! Xoxo