Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Super Duper busy week.

So I have a crazy busy week going here already. The Fall Art Tour is starting with a reception here on Friday night 6-9 so I have to get ready for that and then the tour continues on Saturday where I will be demonstrating ATC's and letting people make their own for FREE! Then close promptly at 4 run upstairs get pretty and head to the Rahr for the chair auction! So before then I have to clean everything and do all the pre auction prep stuff (with the lovely Heather and other art and about members) I also had a Sputnikfest meeting this morning that really got me excited all over again for that not that I ever wasn't excited but other things took priority for a little time there. That festival is going to rock so hard. Then I meet for a downtown meeting Thursday that will also make me think about another thing that needs to be done. Just breathe Kim.........so I may not post here for a bit but don't worry I will be back in full force next week and hopefully have time for daily posts again!

I haven't made really anything lately due to that lack of time but I did squeeze these in yesterday. They are cookie press pins...cute huh...and only $3!!! You need one.